Welcome to Garden Rescues’ Foster Program!

We need fosters on 3 different levels. When a dog first arrives at our shelter, it needs to spend 2 days in complete isolation so that we are able to make sure it does not exhibit signs of contagious disease to protect the other dogs in the building. After the 2 days of isolation, the dog is permitted upstairs in our shelter. However, we still need to keep this dog separate from all the other dogs in the building for 2 weeks as it could still be incubating disease. That means, it is not allowed in play yards or any common areas in the building. Once the 2 week period is over, the dog is free to live amongst all the other dogs in the shelter. However, a dog in the shelter takes up space for another dog we can save.

Would you consider becoming an all-important foster. Your options are:

1) 2 days

2) 2 weeks

3) extended stay until the dog finds a forever home

After you've filled out the application, click the button below to sign up for an interview!