Garden Rescues

The mission of Garden Rescues Inc is to rescue dogs who are homeless, abused, or at risk for euthanasia at kill shelters.  We will provide medical care as well as a loving and safe environment for the dogs while we seek to find them permanent homes.  Garden Rescues will distinguish itself from traditional shelters by providing a much more comfortable and less stressful environment where the dogs will board.  The dogs will live in rooms, rather than cages, and spend most of their days interacting with people as well as other dogs.  In traditional shelters dogs spend approximately 23 hours a day in solitude in a cage.  Garden Rescues’ dogs will spend the majority of their days with people in the hopes that they will be less stressed and actually enjoy their lives while they wait for forever homes.

If you’re interested in adopting one of our dogs, click here to schedule a meet and greet. You can view all our available dogs on the “Meet Our Dogs” page of our website.

We have a policy of not adopting out our dogs outside a 50 mile radius of our shelter. We believe this policy is in the best interest of our dogs.

We must meet all members of your household, including pets, before we can approve an adoption.

Please understand adoptions occur on a first come first serve basis. Unfortunately, you may lose out on a dog if a great adopter comes in before you. We simply cannot hold dogs to meet all potential adopters.